Grammar Evaluation – ELC STUDYZONE

<Grammar Site Evaluation>

This website is clearly organized with the simplified directions. For grammar section, students have many different kinds of grammar lessons, so students can choose what they want to learn. Accessing to target lesson is very simple. Since this website does not provide full of sentences, the target learners can be intermediate students. Usually, the intermediate students are not good at fully understanding the complex English sentences. Therefore, if there are many sentences, the learners may feel boring and distracted. Also, the students can choose the level which can be suitable for themselves in terms of language proficiency. For example, this websites usually do not give more than three sentences about the definition of each grammar. However, as it provides some graph descriptions about the grammar, it can give some visual effects for language learners. Learners can easily understand the grammar with several examples. Usually, after the lesson, this website provides exercise to practice the usage of grammar. If the grammar is simple to understand, it gives only few exercises to practice. However, if the grammar is complicated, it provides many exercises to practice several times. Therefore, it helps learners acquiring grammars very well even if it is a really hard one.





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